X9999 1846 Online
Server X9999 will be opened 10.March!.
Register and Downloads new Client now!

VIP Info Page

VIP can be obtained automatically by donating (buying PlayPoints on donate page)
VIP can be obtained when you reach Resets or Grand Resets requirements.
But its don't have additional reward as buying PlayPoints. Claim your VIP at
Reset Rewards.
VIP does not need to be bought, it is awarded free for all just by playing or buy PlayPoints.

There are 8 VIP levels:
VIP Buff and rewards info!

VIP1: 10% Attack Bonus, 10% Base HP Bonus, 10% Exp +Wings of Angel and Devil (VIP) +15
VIP2: 20% Attack Bonus, 20% Base HP Bonus, 20% Exp +2x Jewel of Komdar
VIP3: 30% Attack Bonus, 30% Base HP Bonus, 30% Exp +Demon (VIP) +15 Custom Options
VIP4: 40% Attack Bonus, 40% Base HP Bonus, 40% Exp +Ice Dragon (VIP) +15 Custom Options
VIP5: 50% Attack Bonus, 50% Base HP Bonus, 50% Exp +Pierce Ryan (VIP) +15 Custom Options
VIP6: 60% Attack Bonus, 60% Base HP Bonus, 60% Exp +Shining Tail (VIP) +15 Custom Options
VIP7: 70% Attack Bonus, 70% Base HP Bonus, 70% Exp +Daze Earrings (Pair) +15 Custom Options
VIP8: 80% Attack Bonus, 80% Base HP Bonus, 80% Exp +One-Shot Rings (Pair) +15 Custom Options


After donate, please navigate to Account Panel and check your VIP Info / Gifts to get your VIP Rewards

Reward Gift can be claimed one time. All items can be store in vault and used on other chacters in account!
VIP must be claim from VIP1 to VIP8. Some VIP items can be sold or traded! Some are cannot.
*One-Shot PvP and PvM Rings has a Chance is 5000/10000. Its depend on your lucks!

Posted 03/01/2023
Currently this is only one server.