DROP LIST : Invasions
Noob Invasions90 Minutes Respawn
Ice Queen
Red Dragon
Death King
Metal Balrog
- 1,000 Ruud
- 100 Goblin Points
- Seed Sphere [Lv: 5]
- Elite Enhanced Stone
- Guardian Enhanced Stone
- Elemental Talisman of Luck
- Norrwen's Bloodstring Lyra
- Antonia's Sword
- Lapidary Stone

ELITE Invasions90 Minutes Respawn
ELITE Lizard King of Abyss
ELITE Scorched Wizard
ELITE Great Drakan
ELITE Phoenix of Darkness
ELITE Temple Orge
ELITE Temple Gremlin
ELITE Temple Gargoyle
ELITE Ashy Golem
ELITE Bloody Witch Queen
ELITE Crimson Lycan
ELITE Crimson Minos
ELITE Crimson Harpy
ELITE Persona
ELITE Twin Tail
ELITE Dreadfear
ELITE Magma Gladiator
ELITE Magma Hook
ELITE Magma Shaman
ELITE Bloody Wolf
ELITE Beam Knight
ELITE Tantalus
ELITE Storm Fiend

- 350 ~ 3,500 GP
- 7,500 ~ 40,000 Ruud
- Seed Sphere Lv.6
- Seed Sphere Lv.7
- Seed Sphere Lv.8
- Seed Sphere Lv.9
- Seed Sphere Lv.10
- Guardian Enhanced Stone
- Elite Enhanced Stone
- Tempest Muun Eggs
- Jewel of Dark Bless
- Jewel of Dark Soul
- Jewel of Dark Life
- Artifact Fragment
- 5th Wings Relic
- Uriel's Feather
- Ability Crystal

- GM Gift (Tradeable)
- Goat Figurine VIP
- Blessed Ring VIP
- Horseshoes VIP


Posted 04/01/2023