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The following Terms of Service ("TOS", "Terms" or "Agreement") apply to your use of our website, Discord server, Game and all services, features and/or content provided by DRAGON MU. By creating your account on our site or accessing the Game, you represent that you have read, understand, and Agree to be bound by this TOS. The latest version of our TOS is always available on the DRAGON MU website. It is essential that you read this TOS before registering or using any DRAGON MU service(s).


1. DRAGON MU's administrative team is entirely composed of legally capable individuals, of France, United States nationality, volunteers and without any personal and/or professional ties with the original developer of Mu Online - Webzen - and its employees, and this service is, therefore, a private server of the same Game.
2. The members are responsible for managing and guaranteeing the server's operation in its entirety, which refers to technical issues, financial support, community support, and other aspects, except in cases where the team's intervention proves to be unnecessary or impossible.
3. By accepting DRAGON MU terms of use and creating your account, the user reserves to the administration the rights to manage your account, by changing the data informed at registration that are in disagreement with the server rules, or suspending temporarily or permanently your registration in cases where it is found to be in violation of the rules in acts while within the Game itself or any other community platform managed by the administration; however, the user does NOT reserve to the administration the rights to use, for any purpose, the e-mail, name, password and IP address informed at registration.
4. It is the right of the members who has been suspended to appeal ONCE only for a review of the ban by the administration, who will decide if the penalty was actually valid or if it was a mistake; it is also the right of the suspended player to ask for a copy of the article that convicts him/her in these terms of use, along with proof of the infraction he/she committed in order for the suspension to be imposed. The review can be done through the Discord support system (ticket).
5. Although the Game proposal is to work 24 hours a day, DRAGON MU team may shut down the servers in order to perform maintenance considered necessary for the good functioning of the equipment and programs. These maintenances may or may not be scheduled in advance, varying according to the needs that the technical adjustments demand.
6. All information related to your account(s) is the property of DRAGON MU.


1. We are NOT responsible for the security of your username and password. Players are in charge of protecting their accounts. This means that you should never provide your account login or password on a non-Dragon MU site (https://dragon.mu). DO NOT divulge your login information; the moment you give out your login or personal information, you basically give away all the items you own, including the account itself. Violation of this rule is done at your own risk.
2. Any problems arising from sharing your account(s), passwords or personal information at any cybercafe or other actions are the sole responsibility of the registered user of the account. We will not assume responsibility or provide any support for any problems that may occur with your account.
3. DO NOT log into any user's account that you do not own. After doing so, your computer's hardware number will be registered in this user's account. If any account and/or hardware is banned, your computer will be banned as well, even if your personal account is not banned. In order to access your account, you will need to use a new PC. This rule also applies to any internet cafes or computers owned by schools or libraries.
4. We will NOT provide any support to users who are using hide IP, proxy or any third party program.
5. By becoming a DRAGON MU member, you are subscribing to the server's newsletter that may be sent out monthly.
6. Names (Character Names / IGN (In-Game Names) and Guilds should not contain Admin nicknames or any other meaning that could confuse players. Also, the use of biased or derogatory names in any form is prohibited.
7. The player is responsible for the security of their own account, preferably following the guidelines of Staffs which are: change the password every 14 days, do not use computers or public internet networks or unknown to enter the Game, keep the security software on your computer always updated, maintain the confidentiality of your access data, never sharing the account with third parties, even if they have an established relationship of trust.
8. The Administration will not intervene in problems caused by a player's carelessness regarding the security of his account. Under no circumstances will any lost items or stolen WCoins/PlayPoints be refunded.
9. DRAGON MU will not be responsible for any damage to items and/or regressions in character traits when caused by slowness or loss of internet connection by the user. It is up to the user to judge the situation and determine if it is possible or not to perform Chaos Machine combinations, Trades, etc.
10. It is understood that by registering on the site, the user is already aware of the terms of use that are in force on the server. Alleging ignorance of the rules will not be accepted as justification for unblocking the account, character or reimbursement of any kind of damage that the user will acquire.


1. The online environment has several communication systems, which makes it possible to send and receive written messages from other players. Because it allows the display of any type of content, the chat and the other official DRAGON MU networks have their own rules and prohibitions established to promote mutual respect and conscientious use of the tools.
2. It is strictly forbidden to use the Game chat or text rooms on Discord to disseminate hate speech, xenophobia, racism, pornographic content, personal insults and other reprehensible attitudes and intolerance foreseen and punishable according to the Constitution of France. The DRAGON MU Administration understands that the free expression of players must be maintained. However, punishments will be applied to the infractor in the hypothesis that the target of slander, libel and defamation feels injured by the terms directed to him or the team deems necessary.  In addition, punishments may be applied if the user makes disrespectful, unnecessary or excessive comments in or out of Game about any player. The penalty for breaking this term ranges from 5 minutes of chat blocking to permanent suspension of the account(s). The administration team reserves the right to check the chat logs regularly to apply punishments even if the target of the insult does not complain about the terms directed at him.
3. Disclosure of other private Mu Online servers within DRAGON MU or on social networks belonging to it is intolerable. The penalty for breaking this term is permanent IP suspension of the player.
4. It is forbidden to use special characters (ASCII, HTML, ...) that make reading considerably more difficult or impossible in an online environment. The penalty for breaking this term ranges from 5 minutes of chat blocking to 7 days suspension of the character in question or his account.
5. It is expressly forbidden to impersonate a DRAGON MU Administrator, as well as the use of names that can be understood as such (GM-xxx, ADM-xxx, ...). The penalty for breaking this term is permanent IP suspension of the player.
6. It is strictly forbidden to try to prevent any DRAGON MU partner from performing common tasks in the Game while in their role as a partner (videos, livestream, etc). The penalty for breaking this term ranges from 3 days blocking to permanent suspension of the player's account(s).
7. It is expressly forbidden to try to denigrate the image of any DRAGON MU partner in his function as a partner (videos, livestream, etc) through the Game chat. The penalty for breaking this term varies from blocking for 3 days to permanent suspension of the player's account(s).
8. Disseminating false, unfounded information and/or rumors about the server, partners and/or its administrators with the intention of denigrating the image of those involved or disturb the proper functioning of the services offered in the Game is permanently prohibited. The penalty for breaking this term ranges from 1 hour of chat blocking to permanent suspension of the player's account(s) from all DRAGON MU platforms and services.
9. It is forbidden to falsify, tamper or forge evidence (screenshots, audios, among others) in order to use them to deceive the Game officials and force/cause unfair and unnecessary punishments against someone. The penalty for breaking this term ranges from a 7-day ban to the permanent suspension of the player's account(s).
10. It is forbidden to subject third parties to circumstances that prevent them from fully enjoying the Game's own events and activities, except for using MuHelper in order to gain experience. This rule does not apply to occasions where PvP is inherent, expected and even essential (like Castle Siege, for example). If the player is AFK (away from the computer), the rule does not apply. The penalty for breaking this term ranges from blocking for 1 day to permanent suspension of the player's account(s).
11. Any and all disclosure of unofficial trade groups or communities through the official DRAGON MU communication platforms is prohibited. The penalty for breaking this term ranges from a 30-days lockout to permanent suspension of the user's account(s) from the official platforms.


1. Buying, selling and trading accounts and items for real money or for any other Game server that is not affiliated with DRAGON MU is strictly PROHIBITED. The penalty for breaking this term ranges from temporary suspension of the account(s) to permanent IP suspension of the player and associated accounts.
2. All DRAGON MU accounts, items, and any DRAGON MU related content belong to the Administrators , making it optional for the Administration to move accounts and characters without notice.
3. If you are caught buying, selling and trading items for real money outside of the DRAGON MU website, community chat (Facebook, Forum, Discord etc.) and In-Game, it will result in your permanent ban. This means that if we find you selling DRAGON MU properties on any of the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, any Game Forum or any buying, selling and trading site, etc., your character(s) and account(s) will be banned without notice. It is also prohibited to advertise the sale of characters or accounts on the platforms provided by DRAGON MU, including Game, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The penalty for breaking this term ranges from temporary suspension of the account(s) to permanent IP suspension of the player.


1. Any donations made to the server are non-refundable. Please note that buying credits and donations are two different things. We do NOT sell credits and we ONLY accept donations made willingly by the account user. All donation amounts have their own credit rewards for contribution in keeping the server with its monthly expenses. 
2. Any donation made is non-refundable under NO circumstances.
3. Whether you have donated once or 100 times, it doesn't matter, you are still equal to any other player(s) who have not donated, and will receive the same kind of support.
4. There will be no distinction between players. This means that whether the players are donors or not, the treatment will be the same.
5. If the rules are broken, donors can also be banned like any player. Please note: if the rules are broken, donors can be banned.
6. If for some reason a donor is banned, all items in his account(s) will be locked along with the account. It will also not be returned to him/her under any circumstances.
7. DRAGON MU management does not issue refunds for any digital products and services once the order has been shipped.
8. A refund of a donated amount will only be made upon proof by the APPLICANT that the virtual currency remuneration contract has not been fulfilled by the SERVER. Except on this occasion, there are no other possibilities where the return of the donated amount is possible. Attempted false donation or cancellation after delivery of the thank you will result in permanent blocking of the account.


1. The use of hacker, cheat, or any other potentially cheating features that bring advantage to oneself or that may harm another player is prohibited. The penalty for breaking this term ranges from temporary suspension of the account(s) to permanent IP suspension of the player.
2. It is forbidden to explore or take advantage of any bugs or system failures to obtain advantages in DRAGON MU, being the player responsible for alerting the administrative team about the existence of the problem. The penalty for breaking this term varies from suspension for up to 31 days to permanent suspension of the account(s).
3. The use of a fake guild to fill an event slot at Castle Siege and Arka War events is prohibited, and players are responsible for alerting the administration team to remove the offending guild.  The penalty for breaking this term varies from just releasing the spot in the event to the suspension of members for 31 days.


1. The omitted cases (not mentioned on this page) will be analyzed by the Administrators, which will decide what attitudes will be taken (and may apply punishments if necessary) with respect to them. We leave here registered the alert to users to use common sense in situations where there are doubts about what is allowed or forbidden within the server.
2. The rules and terms of use listed here are subject to change without notice from the Administrators, and you should periodically visit this topic to stay informed of changes.
3. Users should have DISCORD and SITE as primary sources of data and information that are essential for Gameplay, being aware that several of DRAGON MU's characteristics (such as success rate of combinations in Chaos Machine, for example) were changed in order to provide a better balance and fluidity to the virtual environment. Since it is technically impossible to show the real data inside the Game, it's up to the player to confirm them externally based on the aforementioned sources. The DRAGON MU Administration will not be responsible for the loss of items due to incorrect use by the player of In-Game tools whose functioning has already been guided in the official communication means.
4. Only infractions that have occurred within a period of 6 months prior to the date of the complaint through our official channels will be analyzed by the Administration. After this period, the infraction becomes obsolete and Staffs reserves the right to discard it, since the system is unable to store the records to be used in the judgment for a prolonged time.


The ban/suspension of user accounts that infringe the Game rules will not result in compensation for material or moral damage in the judicial sphere, considering that all the virtual content present in the Game is DRAGON MU property and there are no charges or fees for using our services.
In the hypothesis of the filing of an action where, on the merits, the relationship of this Game is discussed, the action must be proposed in the Supreme Court of the United States - SCOTUS, this district being the competent jurisdiction, renouncing any other, however privileged it may be.
Currently this is only one server.