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Characters PvP & PvM Nivelation

1. Characters Nivelation:

Start creating Character you will get starter Points. Each Reset give you 1,000 Points.
Max stats is 62k, get Max Stats to conquest top maps!
Points per Master Level : 2 Points


- We always can improve the nivelation if we did some mistake, REPORT TO US!
- Nivelation was made for mid-high chars, it means low chars in a 'beginning-server' may not be
- Nivelation was made for BOSS (Target), it means some chars may have more Damage in Spot
- Nivelation was made for Damage-Second, it means some chars may have more Single Damage
ex: I hit 300k critical and you get 100k, but with 1min test, both DPS will be nearly in a ONE Target

- PvP Based on SD Defense. Use Shield Potions (Complex to protect your character on battle!)
- Manticore Weapon Bônus: 15% Damage one-hand weapon ; 25% Bônus two-hand weapon
(Yes, big difference using Silver Heart vs Manticore, evolve your weapon!)

Posted 01/01/2023
Currently this is only one server.