X9999 1891 Online
X9999 updated to Season 19 Part 1-3!.
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Game Command List

Buy 500m ZEN for 100 WCoins/zen
Activate AntiLag system/antilag
Register for Ice Wind Valley/regicewind
Activate OFF-TRADE store/offtrade
Activates OFFLINE-LEVELING system/offlevel
Allow to post a Global message/post
Allows to add multiple STR points by player/addstr
Allows to add multiple AGI points by player/addagi
Allows to add multiple VIT points by player/addvit
Allows to add multiple ENE points by player/addene
Allows to add multiple CMD points by player/addcmd
Allows to clear inventory from all items (Use at own risk - Cannot be undone)/checkbeforeclear
Allows to clear event inventory from all items/cleareventinv
Allows players to clear PK status/pkclear
Allows to propose a War to opponent Guild/war
Allows to force stop Guild War Battle, Game Master can use it/endwar
Allows to propose a marry to other player/prop
Allows to accept marry proposal after usage of above command/accept
Teleports yourself to your marriage partner/teleport
Allows to take divorce/divorce
Allows to disconnect specified character knowing their character name and account password/dcfriend
Allows to define to display all duel and trade request or refuse all by default/requests
Allows to evo quests your class to 2nd, 3rd and 4th Class/evo
Allows to open shop anywhere/npc
Allows to open Vault anywhere/store
Allows to Check Boss and Events Timer/eventinfo

Resets reward can be claimed ingame when reached

1 Reset = /reset1Fenrir (Red)
50 Resets = /reset50Jewel of Kundun
100 Resets = /reset100Jewel of Kondar
150 Resets = /reset150Conqueror's Badge
200 Resets = /reset200Rage Earrings FO
250 Resets = /reset250Ring of Ultimatum FO
300 Resets = /reset300Ring of Block FO
350 Resets = /reset350Ghost Horse FO +15
400 Resets = /reset400Ice Dragon FO +15
450 Resets = /reset450Pierce Lion FO +15
500 Resets = /reset500Shining Tail FO +15
600 Resets = /reset600Demon (VIP)
700 Resets = /reset700Ice Dragon (VIP)
800 Resets = /reset800Pierce Lion (VIP)
900 Resets = /reset900Daze Earrings FO
1,000 Resets = /reset1000Golden Fenrir
5,000 Resets = /reset5000Shining Tail (VIP)
10,000 Resets = /reset10000Ur Bear (VIP)
15,000 Resets = /reset15000Ring of GM (VIP)
20,000 Resets = /reset20000Binding Earrings (L)
25,000 Resets = /reset25000Binding Earrings (R)
30,000 Resets = /reset30000Wings of Power (VIP)
35,000 Resets = /reset35000Golden Oak Charm (VIP)
40,000 Resets = /reset40000Blessed Decoration Ring (VIP)
45,000 Resets = /reset45000Goat Figurine (VIP)
50,000 Resets = /reset50000Horseshoe (VIP)
Posted 03/01/2023
Currently this is only one server.