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👏 Key changes:

- [FIX] Specialized Magic Damage statistic was incorrectly displayed under "C" window for certain character classes
- [FIX] Certain events did not start due to empty schedule table when using very specific schedule configuration 
- [FIX] Restricted ability to pick LimitedItemDrop item only by party member the item dropped for (belongs to)
- [FIX] Memory could get overwritten resulting in random and undefined issues with Arca Battle event
- [FIX] Ability Card with Double Damage option caused incorrect value display of certain attack types
- [FIX] Corrected possible SQLSTATE error on certain operations on T_BombGameScore table
- [FIX] ServerName column in MEMB_STAT table will now be updated upon MapServer move
- [FIX] Anti-Flood system could incorrectly interact with valid players and disconnect them
- [FIX] LimitedItemDrop system could drop an item for party member staying in safe zone
- [FIX] Ability Tree could not be used on servers using NotAddMasterLevelToLevel option
- [FIX] Extended support of free stat points display from 65535 to 2147483647
- [FIX] ExDataServer based modules could not be reloaded in Data Server app
- [FIX] Talisman of Item Protection did not work for certain Cash Shop items
- [MOD] Changed IP blocking time reset to 2 minutes for Anti Flood system
- [FIX] Jewel of Harmony options could not be displayed in Personal Store
- [FIX] Game Server crash

⭐Please run Launcher after maintenance complete to update latest resources.

Posted 19-06-2024

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